We are Highlighting a Selection of our Fresh & Frozen Foods:

(More Available, please email sebastian@bluegoattc.com for details)

Misc. Spreads and Starters:

Smoked Salmon Spread 5 oz. $3.99
Lobster Gourmet Spread 5 oz $3.39
Crab Green Onion Spread $2.99
Hummus Roasted Garlic $3.99
Original Hummus 10 oz $3.69
Founders Beer Cheese 9 oz $3.99
Crespini Sesame & Olive Oil 170 g. $3.79
Crespini Olive Oil & Sea Salt $3.69
Pita Chips Sea Salt $3.69

Fresh Wild-Caught Frozen Foods:

Walleye fillet 8-10 oz. each $9.99
Salmon Sockeye fillet $6.99
Tuna Steak 8 oz. $5.99
Halibut Fil 8 oz. $19.99
Shrimp - Cooked $15.99
Shrimp - Raw $13.99
Alaskan Snow Bites $4.99
Shrimp Cocktail $5.99

Benjamin Twiggs:

Benjamin Twiggs Dry Cherries 2.5 oz $5.49
Benjamin Twiggs Unsweetened Dry Cherries $8.99
Benjamin Twiggs Cherry Sours $5.99
Black Cherry Diet Cream Soda $3.29
Milk chocolate dried cherries 4 oz $6.49
Milk Chocolate dried cherries 8 oz $8.99
Dark Chocolate dried cherries 8 oz $8.99
Dark Chocolate dried cherries 4 oz $6.49
Cherry Honey Mustard $8.49
Cherry Cream Soda $3.29
Benjamin Twiggs Cherry Berry Trail Mix 4 oz $6.49

Boar’s Head:

Prosciutto $6.99
Genoa Salami $7.99
Peppered Salame $6.99

IO/Inspired Organics:

Inspired Organics Tomato & Vodka $5.99
Inspired Organics Classic Marinara $5.99
Inspired Organics Tomato & Basil $5.99
IO Sunflower seeds $5.29
IO Pumpkin Seeds $6.49
IO Garbanzo Beans $2.99
IO Black Beans $2.99
IO Whole Wheat Penne Rigate $2.99
IO Steel Cut Oats $3.99
IO Coconut Oil $12.49


Olli Salami Norcino $9.99
Olli Salami Napoli $11.49
Olli Calabrese Asiago Snack Tray $4.99
Olli Salami Tartufo $12.49
Olli Salame Calabrese $9.99
Olli Antipasto Platters: Kalamata Feta Genoa Toscano $12.99

Also, we are working on new food boxes that include options for starters, main meals, dessert, and paired beverage options

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The Blue Goat is your friendly, approachable, thoughtfully-curated wine, beer, cider, mead and provisions store. Our wine manager is a sommelier, a craft beer enthusiast stocks our cooler, our wines are shelved by taste, and we specialize in events. The depth and breadth of our selections will surprise and delight you.

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