Our Staff

Our knowledgeable wine and beer enthusiasts look forward to assisting you with the personal attention you deserve. Whether you're a frequent-shopper oenophile, or it's your first exciting foray into the world of craft beer and wine buying, our welcoming staff is ready and willing to assist.

Sebastian & Holly

Formative Fitness co-founder Sebastian Garbsch and his wife Holly are the new sole owners of Blue Goat. They have added good local wine and hidden gems from around the world so that, no matter what you are looking for, you'll find something to love. They are committed to creating a fun, welcoming and insightful store.

Craft Beer Enthusiast

Rick Jaissle is a long-time beer adventurer with over 45 years of beer-drinking experience. Wherever his travels take him, he's always looking for a great new beer to share with fellow beer enthusiasts, be it craft, import or a new take on an old favorite. Prost!

Beverage Manager

My name is Catherine, though some know me as Cat. I have been the manager at the Blue Goat for over a year now and have been working in the wine and food industry for about 10 years. Wine for me is so much more than a beverage. It is a libation, a time capsule back to the year and place it was made, or having the aroma and taste take me back to some of my favorite memories. Every time I have a Saint-Joseph from Northern Rhone I am transported to the first time I had it with my college roommate, drinking it from tea cups in our hotel room in Belfast. When I am not at work or enjoying wine you can find me: Enjoying a nice cup of tea or a dram of Irish whiskey while I knit. In the summer months I like to garden, go horseback riding and paddleboarding. This winter I look forward to going skiing and ice skating. I also enjoy traveling as much as I can especially to Ireland. Another place I would like to visit someday is Prince Edward Island and eat lots of fresh oysters!

Sales Associate

My name is Amy Edwardson and have loved the past few months working at the Blue Goat. Having some consumer knowledge of wine and the love of learning brought me to my part time job here. My knowledge of wine will never be fully accomplished but the learning process brings me much joy. The culture comes out of each bottle whether it is a cabernet from California or Chile. My education continues with the other experts at the Blue Goat. When I am not working at the Blue Goat you will find me gardening, reading and enjoying excellent food and culture found in Northern Michigan. You may also find me teaching high school English at Charlevoix Montessori Academy of Arts. I look forward to serving you and becoming more educated on the beer and wine at the Blue Goat.