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The Blue Box Club

Blue Goat Membership Club – New and Improved!

Let The Blue Goat improve your quality of life with wines hand-picked just for you at exceptional values. Discover great wine at great prices and enjoy exclusive members-only perks. We wager you’ll come out with some wonderfully affordable gift ideas to boot!

Year-Round Membership

Sign up now for only $20 and choose which box is right for you!

  • $45 per month: 3-bottle curated set each month
  • $90 per month: 6-bottle curated set each month
  • $180 per month: 12-bottle curated set each month

Seasonal Membership

Love wine but prefer curated selections less often? No problem! Pick your months and enjoy all the perks.

Members-Only Perks

Members enjoy all of these exclusive benefits during active membership months:

  • Box of custom-curated wines on the first Friday of every month
  • Option to put membership on hold while you’re traveling
  • Two Blue Goat 6-bottle wine totes
  • 3-bottle membership receives 8% OFF additional wine purchases
  • 6-bottle membership receives 10% OFF additional wine purchases
  • 12-bottle membership receives 12% OFF additional wine purchases
  • Receive $15 gift card when you refer a friend or gift a membership
  • Be the first to know about sales and special events

Have a Preference?

We’ll do our best to curate your boxes with more of the things you love:

  • Surprise me!
  • Dry Reds
  • Dry Whites
  • Sweet Wines
  • Dessert Wines
  • Fortified Wines
  • Rosé
  • Bubbly
  • Local

Join the Blue Box Club Today!

Stop in the store, email us, or call (231) 941-WINE.